The finishing touches!

Here are some pictures of the house before we moved in. We got to move in last wednesday. I'll try to post some pictures soon of how it looks now that we are all moved in. But first I need to get rid of a few boxes and clean a little. A Big thanks to all the people who helped us move and to my family for helping clean, and put stuff up!!


Wood floor


Lighting Fixtures

Media room fan

Master bath light and powder room light

Living room fan

Front door light

Foyer light

Pendant Lights

Breakfast Light

Master bath vanities after the light fixtures and mirrors were placed

Our mailbox. Thank you daddy for helping us put it up!!

Guest bath and lighting fixture

Front door knob

Fireplace with the granite around it

Here is a picture of the kitchen backsplash with the lights on for those of you who wanted to see it better.

Everything is really coming together!

I feel like this post is all over the place, but that is kind of how we feel about the house over this past week or two. It's like something is being done in every room of the house everyday. It's a surprise we thoroughly enjoy seeing everyday!

Stucco is finally done!

The siding and speakers on the back porch.

Gas logs

It took us a while to decide on a backsplash, but we love it!!

The tile floor and the tile around the master tub.

Dishwasher (A.K.A. my best friend)!

Kitchen sink and faucet. If you look really close, the sink has silver sparkles.

Powder room

All the faucets and toilets are in.

This is the fan in the master bedroom and light in the office.

You know you live in Louisiana when you have two air conditioning units! We have one for each side of the house.

Paint, Granite, and a Driveway!

Our house is starting to come together so quickly. It's exciting to see all the choices we picked out coming together! I guess we should start packing up our apartment soon! Woohoo!

This is the front door after it was stained. It's the same color stain of the kitchen cabinets and fireplace.

The paint is done and it looks awesome!
This is a picture from the front door

Living room

Kitchen, this is my favorite paint color. It's also the color of the ceiling in the dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and powder room.

Dining room

Master bedroom

Media room

Guest bedrooms

Laundry room

Here's the granite in the bathrooms and kitchen. It's very dusty because it was just put in that day, but you can kind of see what it looks like.

We have a driveway and walkway now so we don't have to sink in the mud anymore!