9 Months Old!

We are so close to a year, I cannot believe it!


-weighs 18lbs 8oz (50%)
-is 28 1/4 inches long (75%)
-wears size 4 diapers
-wears 12 month clothes
-nurses every 3 hours
-sleeps about 13 hours every night!!!  Wow, how this has changed!!! We finally did the Cry it out after going in her room about 10 times every night. She is a great little sleeper now!!  Thank goodness!! We were all exhausted!  She usually sleeps from 7:30/8 - 8:30/9:30!  Huge improvement!
-is crawling everywhere and so fast!  
-picks up every little thing on the floor :-/. She ate a bug the other day, yucky!  She will truly eat anything!
-can clap her hands and its the cutest thing!
-has an ATTITUDE!  She throws her head back and arches her back screaming her little head off while kicking.  Oh boy, we definitely have our hands full.  
-stubborn!!! (I have no clue where she got this ;-) We tell her no and she just looks back at us and smiles then continues doing what she was doing.  
-we had to move down her crib to the lowest setting because she was standing up at night leaning over the side.  She is fearless!
-in the mornings, she stands up in her crib looking at the door and just waits patiently until someone comes and gets here.  It's super sweet!
-has started walking behind her push walker.  
-stands up on everything she can get her little hands on
-has discovered door stops and loves them!
-might turn into a Cheerio.  She would eat them all day if I let her.
-loves table food
-lost 1oz, so we have to go back at 10 1/2 months for a weight check.  
-does great with the sippy cup.  She has figured out that she has to hold it up to get the water out.
-would eat 24/7 if I let her.  She never turns down food when we offer it and we always just have to stop feeding her eventually.  I have no clue how she lost weight other than she doesn't stop moving.
-Thanksgiving- where do I begin.  My parents rented a condo in gulf shores for the week, so me, Brooke, and the kids decided to go down Sunday with my parents.  The girls all did wonderful on the way down there.  Then came the night.... Absolutely horrible!!!!! Mia screamed all night!  She hated the pack and play. I really wanted to pack up and head back home about 3 that morning.  She did it for the next 2 nights.  The 4th night, I put her in the bed with me and she slept great.  Only woke up once. So when Todd got down there on Thursday, she started out in between us then kept rolling toward Todd.  He ended up sleeping at the end like a dog, ha (poor guy).  We had a great thanksgiving day with everyone and enjoyed family time at the beach.  We were so glad to get home and get Mia in her bed in her room though!  Needless to say, we won't be traveling anywhere overnight for a while :-)

This girl lights up my days!  She is so fun!!

8 months old!

Mia is 8 months old and a very busy girl!

-Weighs 18lbs 9oz
-Wears 9-12 and 12 month clothes
-Wears size 4 diapers
-Still nurses every 2 1/2 hours 
-sleep-what's that? this child is not a very good sleeper!  
-sleeps on her stomach, most of the time with her booty in the air.
-has 2 bottom that came through on her 8 month birthday.  Poor child was screaming :-(
-cannot crawl yet, but she constantly goes from sitting to all fours and just rocks 
-pulls up to her knees on anything she can.
-can walk when we hold her hands.  She walks on her tip toes.  So cute!
-dance to music.  She rocks back and forth when she hears music.
-hates snuggling! She is definitely my child!  Don't contain me :-)
-had her first real sickness :-(. She had an infection which developed from her allergies not clearing up. She had to start amoxicillin and then she broke out in a rash all over from it.  Poor girl, this all happened while she was cutting her 2 teeth.  Needless to say, there was no sleep and lots of tears in this house for a couple of days!
-knows what the word eat means.  If she hears the word, she goes crazy.  She starts trying to get my shirt or starts whining until she gets food.  I'm very careful not to say it to her in public unless I have food ready to go :-/
-loves puffs and apparently Cheerios.  They give her Cheerios at mothers day out and tell me that she loves them.  
-constantly wants to get down. I'm not sure where she thinks she's going to go, but she needs to get down.
-loves to honk noses.  It's the first thing she wants to do in the mornings after she eats
-can hold the sippy cup by herself and put it in her mouth.  Sometimes she'll tip it up.  
-can wave bye bye sometimes.  It's so cute.  She curls up her little hand.  
-loves when I blow dry my hair.  She squeals and talks at the top of her lungs, then stops when I'm done.
-dressed up as a monster for her first Halloween.  Paige, Molly, and Ethan came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood, so we walked around with them while Molly and Ethan got the candy.  She had a blast.  
-loves her teachers at mdo.  She reaches for them and gives them a hug when we get there.  It makes my heart happy to know she loves them so much!
-if she really likes you, she gives you a hug.  It's the sweetest thing.  She puts her hands around your head and leans her forehead into your face.  Melts my heart!!!

She insists on sitting backwards and with her foot through the smallest hole every time!
Her first Halloween!

Mia and Paige fighting over a toy.  Paige was so mad and Mia was laughing.
Her first antibiotic.  Poor girl, she did not feel good!
First 2 teeth
She stays on all fours. Now if she can just get those knees moving.

7 months old!

Oh my, how much this little girl has grown this month!
Just over this past month, you have grown up so much.  I don't feel like you're a baby anymore.

-Is in 6-9, 9, and 9-12 month clothing
-is in size 3 diapers
-still nurses every 2 1/2 hours
-sleeps about 12 hours at night (not always consistently). Usually 7:30-7:30
-sits up great!
-talks and talks and talks!  If we are at home, her mouth is rarely quiet!
-moved up to a bigger bathtub because the other one is too small and you were diving out of it or sitting on the hump (weird kid)
-started pulling up on things to stand!  (You are way too little to be doing this!). We were playing in her playroom and she reached up, grabbed a bin and stood up.  Then she did it again.  
-we had to move down her crib because she was pulling up to her knees and we were afraid she would fall over the side
-LOVES toys!!!! She wants to play constantly!
-loves baby dolls.  She squeals and waves her hand when she sees one.  
-grabs everything!!!! If its in her sight, it's hers!
-wants to get down if she's in your arms.  She is constantly diving out of our arms to sit on the ground.
-still loves to eat.  When I'm fixing her food, she's trying to get to the food to start eating.  
-has tried a few finger foods.  We tried puffs, but she just spit them back out. She did really well with carrots cut up really small and a French fry cut up really small.
-has developed a little attitude (oh my). If she doesn't get something she wants, she throws herself back and pitches a fit!  I didn't think this started so early!!! We're going to need to fix this ;-)
-hates getting her diaper changed! She throws a fit here too, I see a terrible trend starting!
-reaches her arms out for me when she sees me (melts my heart!) 
- also loses it when I go out of her sight! Huge tears!  Makes doing anything around the house incredibly difficult!
-still very much a mamas girl!  If I'm in the room, she wants me to hold her instead of anybody else.  
-is busy, busy, busy.  She is constantly moving, even in her sleep!  The child doesn't stop!  She wears me out, but in a good way!

This has been such a fun month!  She is starting to interact so much with everything around her and it is so fun!  I cannot explain how much I love this little girl!

We took Christmas pictures and she wasnt the least bit interested in smiling. She just wanted to play with the tree and grass. 

Swinging at church.  She loved it!
Dressed for her 1st school picture
Sitting in her daddy's old highchair at pops house
Tearing down her play mat
She got a new car toy and loves it!
1st tech parade
A bit too big for the bathtub
Yep, time to move the crib down

6 months!

Oh My, Mia is halfway to a year! It's so bittersweet!  I'm so thankful that she is growing and learning and we've all survived 6 months (ha), but im so sad she's not a little newborn anymore!

-16lbs 11oz (75%)
-26 3/4in (90%)

- she is sitting up pretty well and she wants to sit up constantly (in the bathtub, in your lap, on the floor).  If you try to lay her down she puts her elbows down and keeps her head up to avoid laying down.  She's going to have some awesome abs ;-)
-she screams for fun constantly!!
-she grabs anything near her and the girl has a grip!  You better watch your food and drinks because she'll have them in her hands in no time.  She destroyed the paper on the exam table at her appointment.
-she is sleeping in her crib in her room!!!!!! Yay!!  And is sleeping so much better!!!! She sleeps 10-12 hours at night.  Not always consistently, but so much better!
-she is getting a little better with her separation anxiety.  She doesn't completely lose it when I drop her off now.
-she started Mother's Day out and did ok the first day.  Hopefully this helps with the separation anxiety. 
-she says dada and hey
-wears size 3 diapers
-wears 6-9 month and 9 month clothes
- nurses every 2 1/2 hours
-eats solids twice a day
- she went on her first plane ride and did great!!
- she is obsessed with her paci-  if it is near her, it is going in her mouth!  She will put it back in her mouth at night if she can find it.  I'm pretty sure her crib eats pacis - they seem to disappear at night.
- she responds to her name 
-she can sit in a restaurant high chair
-she met her first famous person-uncle Si from duck dynasty.  He came over to talk to her and of course she lost it. 
- she loves other kids.  When Molly is here, Mia thinks she's such a big girl getting to play with her.  

I seriously love this girl more every day!  

Mother's Day out teachers

Uncle Si
First flight

Mia & Paige love each other 
Riding a ride at Excalibur!

5 Months

Mia is 5 months old!!!

-wears size 3 diapers
-wears 6 month and 6-9 month clothing
-she loves food!!  We went ahead and started her on the real foods because the rice cereal was not agreeing with her.  She would throw up a lot after eating it so the doctor told us to just go ahead and start the real foods. 
-she can sit up for a little bit before falling over.
-she squeals in her highest pitched voice when she gets excited
- she loves mirrors! The baby who is always on the other side must be pretty cute and fun;-)
-she went on her first vacation (to the beach) and did great!  She did much better than I expected traveling because it was a very long drive!  She slept the whole night every night at the beach! She didn't mind the sand but hated the water.  I think the sound of the waves crashing scared her-that and the fact that the ocean is huge!
-we went to a dolphin show while we were down there and she loved it!  She kept smiling and squealing. 
-she is a TERRIBLE sleeper right now (the beach fooled us).  She wakes up 6-8 times every night.  We are exhausted!
-She is very good at grabbing toys and hair and earrings :-/
-She can put her pacifier in her mouth and take it out
- she's still on Zantac 
-she loves her walker and bouncer!
-nurses every 2 1/2 hours-we're finally going longer!!!!
-she still sleeps in the pack and play in our room (mainly because I don't want to walk across the house 100 times a night to put the paci back in :-)

4 Months

Mia is 4 months old!!!

Weighs 13lbs 12oz (50%)
Is 25 1/2 inches long (90%)
Head is 42cm (75%) - explains the difficulty getting shirts over her head :-)
Is wearing 6 month clothes
Size 0 shoes
Rolling over- she first rolled from back to front and then rolled from front to back at the doctor.
On the move- I lay her on Her playmat and she turns almost upside down every time. 
We have had to start strapping her in everything because she tries to roll out.  
Sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  It has not been pleasant trying to get her out of the nap nanny!
Wake up 1-3 times at night :-(
Still nurse every 2 hours during the day
Started rice cereal and she loves it!  I don't think she's going to turn down much food- she gets it honestly :-)
Started loving her swing!
She loves her daddy now!  Thank goodness, I get a break!  However, she still hates everybody else! This has been a bit of a challenge, I didn't think this started so early!  I made it about 5 minutes in Sunday school last Sunday before they text me to come down.  Poor girl, I really hope she outgrows this soon!
She grabs everything!!!!! All her toys- she somehow rips them off her carseat, and her clothes, and my hair!  I can't even tell you how much of my hair she has ripped out.  Between her and my hair falling out from pregnancy, I'll be bald in no time!  
She has started grabbing my food and plate anytime I eat.  She had a handful of my sandwich the other day before I noticed.  I guess she's ready to start real food :-)
She has started laughing and its so funny!  
She loves Molly!  She will laugh and laugh at her.  It's so cute!  
She will talk and talk and spit and make all kinds of funny sounds
She will imitate us when we make noises and its really funny.  
She has a really high pitched squeal that she loves!  I mean it is loud!!
She has started sucking her thumb a lot more-I guess she's going to be a thumb sucker. She has out herself to sleep in the car twice by sucking her thumb.  It's glorious right now and oh so cute, but I know it's extremely hard to break them of this habit later.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Don't mind my 5 year old sucking her thumb ;-)
Still taking Zantac, she is up to 2ml now
Loves sitting in her high chair!
Still really loves bath time.  She has figured out that she can splash and it is a mess!
Still using head and shoulders to bathe her for cradle cap
She likes the pool as long as its warm and the sun is going down.
She still hates tummy time and she has figured it out.  She either immediately lays on her side and plays with the toys or rolls over on her back.  She's too smart for her own good!  I think tummy time is now a lost cause since she's on the move!

My sister and her family lived with us for 3 weeks in between houses.  It was crazy around here, but so fun.  Mia had a blast.  She loves her cousins!

My brother got married June 22nd and me and Todd were both in the wedding.  It was a gorgeous wedding and I couldn't be happier for my brother!  I have prayed that he would find the person God would have him to spend his life with and he exceeded my expectations!  We love Jessica!  She is the sweetest person and has taken us all on including our kids and loved them! This is the happiest I have ever seen my brother and that is all I want for him!   I'm so happy for the both of them and wish them so much happiness!  
4 months old

Mia & Molly

Brandon's wedding

Mia & Paige

3 Months

Mia is already 1/4 of the way to a year old, oh my!  
I have no clue how much she weighs or her height because we didn't go to the doctor this month.
I just know that she is growing like crazy!

Is Wearing mainly 3 month and 3-6 month clothes
Is In size 2 diapers
Sleeps swaddled still
Still sleeps in her nap nanny on the floor (I know there's controversy over it, but hey, it works for us!)
Still taking Zantac 
Makes all kind of noises with her mouth
Sleeps anywhere from 7-10 hours at night
Usually goes to sleep between 8 and 9
Has started grabbing her toys
Stil nurses every 2 hours
Only wants mommy (which is sweet, but has been a challenge) she loses it if anybody else even looks at her, much less talks to her.
Loves playing on her piano playmat!
Met her cousin - they will be such great friends!  I'm so happy they get to grow up together!
Chew on everything
Love to put her fist in her mouth
Love to eat her dresses or shirts
Sucks her thumb every now and then

Mia's baby dedication was June 9th and it was such a special day!  We were honored to dedicate her to The Lord and promise to be parents who bring her up to know her precious savior!  We had all of our family over for lunch afterwards and it was so fun!  

Mia & Paige

Baby dedication