37 Weeks

I cannot believe I'm already "full term!" Baby is around 6 1/3 pounds and around 19inches long!
My doctor checked me at my appointment this week and I was softened and thinned out, but not dilated any. He said he would much rather me be thinned out and not dilated than dilated and thick because it would make it a lot more difficult to progress. I guess she's going to hang out for a little longer. I've been having a lot more contractions this week, guess my body is just getting ready :-/. I finally packed my bag, so I'm ready to go whenever she is! I have my 38 week check up tomorrow and I'm anxious to see if I've progressed any. I cannot believe we will have a child in 2 weeks or less, ahhhh. Scary and exciting all at the same time! I feel like my emotions are everywhere right now! This is really about to happen!

Friday will be my last day to keep Molly. I'm so sad because I won't see her every day and I'm scared she's going to forget me :-(. I might just have to go steal her from daycare every now and then :-).

Please ignore my I put on my pajamas and realized I didn't take the 37 week picture yet, but I'm too lazy to get back dressed look!

36 Weeks and Nursery update!

Mia is almost 6 pounds and around 18 1/2 inches long!
At the doctor this week, he confirmed that she was head down, which I pretty much knew because she gets the hiccups down there quite a bit. It was such a relief that he confirmed it though because as of right now, no c-section! Obviously, I know that could change at any second, but I'm glad she's in the right position right now!

We had our last shower this past Saturday and it was a GREAT one! We got a bunch of her big items and lots of other items we really needed! We are truly blessed with such great friends who hosted this amazing shower for us! My mom spent last weekend with me helping me finish getting the nursery ready, so after the shower, we headed to Monroe and finished getting what we needed for Mia and took back a few items! I'm very thankful she came, it actually looks like the nursery I had in my mind now! We (I mainly just supervised and glued) made the lamp shade and mom made a pillow for the chair with the leftover fabric. We finished the Pom Pom balls that are over the chair (only took me a whole month)! They were a LOT more work than I had anticipated, but I love them!!!! All her clothes are washed up and put away, bottles and pacifiers are washed and sterilized, and Mia's bag is packed and ready for the hospital (she's going to be the best dressed baby in the hospital! The swing, rock and play sleeper, and high chair are put together and ready to go (thanks to my brother and soon to be sister-in-law) even though the high chair won't be used for a while!

Here are a few pictures of her nursery. We have a couple prints hopefully coming in this week to go over her bed and a few prints to go somewhere else. The frames over the bookcase are mine and Todd's. They have all our birth stats on them, so I thought they were special. I got a new mat for them and mom spray painted the frames so they would match. A big thanks to Dustin and Todd for hanging all the stuff in the nursery! It was a family affair putting together this nursery! I had everybody working :-)

35 Weeks

The countdown is on! 5 more weeks!!!
Mia is supposedly weighing in at 5 1/4 pounds and a little over 19 inches long.
We started weekly visits this week, so crazy! I cannot believe there are only 5 weeks left!
She has definitely dropped down some and there is a lot more pressure.
There are very few shirts that still fit :-(. I think I might have to raid Todd's side of the closet to make it through these last few weeks!

34 Weeks

Mia is about 4 3/4 pounds and almost 18 inches long!
It has definitely been a lot harder to get around this week! Ligaments are stretching and she's dropped some, which has made for some pain when walking and moving around! I'm really wishing Eve would have not eaten that apple about right now!

We had 2 great showers for Mia this week! Our first one was Thursday night with our Sunday school class. We got a lot of things and had a lot of people show up! We are so thankful for our Sunday school class. We are definitely blessed! Then we had a shower back in my hometown with my church back home and family and friends from back home on Sunday. Mia got so many things! She may be a little spoiled already :-). So thankful for people who still love us so much back home! There is no doubt this little girl will be well dressed :-).

33 Weeks

Baby is a little over 4 pounds this week (the weight of a pineapple). That's crazy to me! A pineapple is pretty heavy!

I have been busy organizing all her clothes and trying to get things together!
The doctor said I was measuring about at 33 weeks, so looks like this baby will be here soon!
I start my one week appointments at 35 weeks. I cannot believe how fast this trimester has flown by!

We took maternity pictures and I love them! Courtney is a girl I knew from back home and she owns her own photography business (Courtney fallin photography), so if you want to see them, go look on her Facebook site. She did a great job!