Mia at 18 months!

Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged about Mia.  She has changed so much!


-is 23lbs 14oz 
-is 33inches 
-is mainly in 2t or 24 month clothes
-wears size 4 diapers
-wears size 5 shoes
-has 11 teeth (those molars are evil!)
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night
-takes 1 nap at around 1 every day for 1 1/2-2 hours
-her bedtime and nap time routine have completely changed.  We now just read a book then she goes and stands by her bed and we kiss her, put her in, and tell her good night.  No more rocking for miss independent!  I am really thankful that this happened before baby Reese gets here though!  Makes things a little easier.
-gives the best kisses- mouth wide open and tongue out ☺️
-is completely on whole milk now (as of 15 months).  She weaned herself from the nighttime feeding when I was 6 weeks pregnant.  
-just takes sippy cups now.  
-eats whatever we are having at every meal now
-runs everywhere now (started walking at 13 months)
-has so much hair!! I have to put it in a pony tail most days to keep it out of her eyes
-has to have a bow in her hair, even if we are just staying around the house (success).  She asks for it when she wakes up
-favorite song is abc's.  She gets to d by herself, then drifts off into other letters and songs, ha
-can repeats the abcs after you
-knows a ton of animals and their sounds.  My favorite sounds are rooster and elephant - so funny!
-puts her dirty clothes in her hamper.  
-puts her dirty diapers in her diaper pail
-loves to put the wet clothes (that I hand her) into the dryer.
-sits at the table with us to eat now (with a booster)
-vocabulary has increased tremendously! She can tell us a lot of what she wants now, thank goodness.  It's crazy how many words she knows now.  She also speaks pretty clearly.
-knows what yes and no mean.  Her yes is the cutest 😍
-will say all done when she's done eating
-still is not good at using a fork and spoon.  She would rather just use her hands, oh well!
-has started telling us when she's pooped 😳. I'm so not ready for this!
-loves shoes!!
-can clean up her toys (will clean up-that's a different story, ha)
-is soooo independent!! She wants to do everything by herself!
-if she does not get her way, she loses her marbles!  
-she throws many a tantrum on the floor because she does not get her way!
-tells Cosmo hush every time he starts barking (guess I've said that a few times)
-loves curious George, elmo, and Mickey
-sings quite a bit, especially in the car.  It is the sweetest thing!  Sometimes I can figure out what she is singing and sometimes I have no clue.

It is so crazy how much she has grown in these last 6 months.  She has become so much more independent which makes me happy and sad.  It's amazing how much her brain has developed.  She picks up on things so quickly now!  This is such a fun age!  She can now interact a lot more and enjoys going places.  

You are such a joy!  You are the sweetest, loving, independent little girl! I so enjoy watching you grow and learn!  I love you more than I can explain!  

She got to go to vbs

Ponytail 😍
This girl loves corn on the cob!
And snow cones
We went on a girls trip to the beach and Mia HATED the sand!!!!
Mia LOVES Molly!!!!!
Why not sit in the toy box?
Reading while brushing her teeth
Teething molars is the worst, but if sure does make good cuddle time.  And yes, that is 2 pacis-just in case I guess 😉
She is obsessed with my headbands.  Anytime we are in my bathroom, she's going through my headbands trying them on and admiring herself in the mirror ☺️
My little mini me.  We had a blast at the children's museum with friends!
Eating at the table like a big kid
Everybody kisses their tractors, right?
1st day of her 2nd year of Mother's Day out.
Wiggle time at the library is a blast!
She loves wearing her daddy's shirts
Into everything!
LOVES her daddy!!!
Playing dress up with her cousins
Poor Cosmo, she follows him around all day saying ride, ride
The strainer makes a great seat
Parade fun
Playing golf with daddy
She finds this bowl almost everyday and wears it as a hat
She finally fits into her rain boots her granny got her.