Sheet Rock and Bricks!!

The sheet rock is done and changed the looks of the house a lot!

Here's the bricks. They will be a lot lighter once the mortar dries.

shingles, insulation, and some furniture!

Shingles are up, insulation is in and sheet rock is going up Monday! It's going so fast!

This is the new blown in insulation. It looks so much cleaner and nicer than regular insulation! It went on all the outside walls.

The regular insulation went on all the inside walls.

Here is some furniture we bought at Burney's Friday. We didn't really plan on buying furniture Friday, but they were having such a good sale and we both fell in love with these pieces!

It's starting to look like a house!

The outside doors and windows are up. The air conditioning ducts have been placed and a lot of electrical outlets are done. Also, we now have our tubs and showers in our bathrooms. It's getting more and more exciting!!