4 Months

Mia is 4 months old!!!

Weighs 13lbs 12oz (50%)
Is 25 1/2 inches long (90%)
Head is 42cm (75%) - explains the difficulty getting shirts over her head :-)
Is wearing 6 month clothes
Size 0 shoes
Rolling over- she first rolled from back to front and then rolled from front to back at the doctor.
On the move- I lay her on Her playmat and she turns almost upside down every time. 
We have had to start strapping her in everything because she tries to roll out.  
Sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  It has not been pleasant trying to get her out of the nap nanny!
Wake up 1-3 times at night :-(
Still nurse every 2 hours during the day
Started rice cereal and she loves it!  I don't think she's going to turn down much food- she gets it honestly :-)
Started loving her swing!
She loves her daddy now!  Thank goodness, I get a break!  However, she still hates everybody else! This has been a bit of a challenge, I didn't think this started so early!  I made it about 5 minutes in Sunday school last Sunday before they text me to come down.  Poor girl, I really hope she outgrows this soon!
She grabs everything!!!!! All her toys- she somehow rips them off her carseat, and her clothes, and my hair!  I can't even tell you how much of my hair she has ripped out.  Between her and my hair falling out from pregnancy, I'll be bald in no time!  
She has started grabbing my food and plate anytime I eat.  She had a handful of my sandwich the other day before I noticed.  I guess she's ready to start real food :-)
She has started laughing and its so funny!  
She loves Molly!  She will laugh and laugh at her.  It's so cute!  
She will talk and talk and spit and make all kinds of funny sounds
She will imitate us when we make noises and its really funny.  
She has a really high pitched squeal that she loves!  I mean it is loud!!
She has started sucking her thumb a lot more-I guess she's going to be a thumb sucker. She has out herself to sleep in the car twice by sucking her thumb.  It's glorious right now and oh so cute, but I know it's extremely hard to break them of this habit later.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Don't mind my 5 year old sucking her thumb ;-)
Still taking Zantac, she is up to 2ml now
Loves sitting in her high chair!
Still really loves bath time.  She has figured out that she can splash and it is a mess!
Still using head and shoulders to bathe her for cradle cap
She likes the pool as long as its warm and the sun is going down.
She still hates tummy time and she has figured it out.  She either immediately lays on her side and plays with the toys or rolls over on her back.  She's too smart for her own good!  I think tummy time is now a lost cause since she's on the move!

My sister and her family lived with us for 3 weeks in between houses.  It was crazy around here, but so fun.  Mia had a blast.  She loves her cousins!

My brother got married June 22nd and me and Todd were both in the wedding.  It was a gorgeous wedding and I couldn't be happier for my brother!  I have prayed that he would find the person God would have him to spend his life with and he exceeded my expectations!  We love Jessica!  She is the sweetest person and has taken us all on including our kids and loved them! This is the happiest I have ever seen my brother and that is all I want for him!   I'm so happy for the both of them and wish them so much happiness!  
4 months old

Mia & Molly

Brandon's wedding

Mia & Paige