Reese Noelle Whitlock

Reese's birth story:

I had a doctors appointment at 9:30 Thursday, December 11th.  I was already scheduled for induction the next monday, the 15th.  That morning I was running around trying to get ready and get Mia ready to go to Mother's Day out.  I dropped Mia off and told them I would be back after my appt to get Mia because she had a cough and although she wasn't contagious, I didn't want her to wake up the other kids during nap time.  I got to my appt and was sitting in the waiting room and I started feeling a few cramps, but I honestly didn't think anything of them.  While I was waiting in the room for the doctor, the cramps got a little stronger, but I just thought I had to go to the bathroom ;-). 
When he checked me, he said I was almost 4cm and I wouldn't make it until Sunday night (when I was to go in to be induced), so I'm running through to do lists in my head of what I need to get done in the next day or two, and also freaking out a little because this means I'm actually going to go into labor, ha.  Todd was suppose to work that weekend so he was going to go see if someone could work his weekend.
I get dressed and me and Todd open the door to leave the room and his nurse said he wanted me to get hooked up to the monitor for a little bit because he was pretty sure I was having a contraction when he checked me.  He said if I was having contractions, he would go ahead and put me in that night.  Again, my head is racing thinking ill need to call my mom when I leave to get her to come keep Mia, no big deal.  I get hooked up to the monitor and Todd was making me laugh so the lines were going crazy and it was so loud ;-). After that little episode, we were watching the lines and trying to decide which line was monitoring contractions, then I began to pay attention to when I was feeling a cramp and could see it coincide with the monitor.  We start to discuss our plans for Mia and getting our bags for that night.  The nurse came in and said oh my, those contractions and then went to get the doctor.  He came in and said your having a baby today!  He said, those contractions are as strong as pitocin contractions, they're every 2 minutes, you're in labor, you'll have this baby by 5 today (it was 11:30 then).  He said I'll get your papers ready, you're heading upstairs.  I think me and Todd were just both so stunned!  A flood of emotions took over:  I was happy, nervous, excited, scared, surprised, a little confused, and flustered all at the same time! I asked if I at least had time to go home and grab my bags.  He said as long as I didn't take too long, so off we headed in a mad dash to get bags and contact family.  Todd headed to get Mia and we called Howard to come watch Mia until my parents got there.  I threw stuff together and put everything in the car, got Mia's lunch ready and laid out her outfits and pajamas.  The contractions were definitely getting stronger, so I was ready to head back to the hospital as soon as Todd got home with Mia.  
We got to the hospital around 12, and everything was set up and ready to go around 1.  I was at 5cm when i got there.  They started some pitocin just to move things along a bit. I went ahead and got the epidural as soon as the bag of fluids went through because I sure didn't want to feel the crazy pain!  Well, he tapped into spinal fluid when he was doing my epidural, so I could only get a low dose of the epidural, which was fine until near the end!  The doctor broke my water around 3 and I was at 7cm.  I started feeling the contractions on my right side, exactly where I felt them with Mia.  It was really weird.  The nurse checked me and I was 8cm.  As soon as she left, I started feeling a good bit of pressure, so I called her back in and I was 9cm.  She left and I immediately felt intense pressure!  I could actually feel the baby's head coming down! Todd called her back because at this point I cannot talk and am clinching the bed rails.  She had gone into another room right quick, so another nurse came in, but my nurse came in right behind her.  She checked me and I was ready.  Then they were discussing who was going to catch the baby if the doctor didn't make it (my doctor's office is in the hospital, so that's how close I was).  The pressure, y'all, THE PRESSURE, it was insane!  I didn't really feel much when I was pushing Mia out, but I felt everything with Reese!  Thankfully, my doctor made it just in time!.  After the first push, the other nurse said dang, she is pushing and my doctor said "yeah, she's a no nonsense pusher," yeah, the baby had to come out!!! I pushed twice (less than 4 minutes) and Reese was out.  Wow, immediate relief!!! As they laid sweet baby Reese on my chest, all fears of how will I love this child as much completely left!  The love I had for this child was just as intense!  I just thanked god in that moment for this precious blessing! I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness for 2 healthy girls!  
Reese had really low sugar when they checked her, so we had to supplement with formula after every nursing for a few days.  Her sugar finally got above 50 later the next day, after many pokes on her poor bruised feet. 
Mia was the first one to meet her little sister.  She could have cared less!  She kept ignoring her, ha.  
Our family just feels complete with Reese, of course I would love more children but I'm just really content with our family of 4 right now :-). 
They told me I might get a spinal headache because of the mishap on the epidural.  I had a little bit of pressure saturday morning, but didn't think that's what it was.  Sunday evening, it started getting worse so I decided to wait until monday to get it checked since Reese had an appt to get her jaundice levels checked at the hospital anyway.  Monday morning, I woke up and it was awful!  The pressure in my head was insane.  I laid down and it went away, but as I set up, it came rushing back.  We got reese checked out and then went and checked into a room to get a blood patch done.  My veins didn't want to give up any blood, so they had to get an iv needle to get blood to put in my back.  Thank goodness for that patch, because it worked!  I wasn't able to move around a whole lot or lift anything for 2 days afterwards, so I am very thankful for Todd doing so much and for my mom being able to come help for a few days!  I definitely didn't want the patch to come loose and have that headache again, so I was really still!
Reese, you are loved more than you know!  I hope you always feel the love your mommy, daddy, and big sister have for you!  God gave us such a perfect gift and we are so blessed that he chose you for our family!

Mia at 18 months!

Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged about Mia.  She has changed so much!


-is 23lbs 14oz 
-is 33inches 
-is mainly in 2t or 24 month clothes
-wears size 4 diapers
-wears size 5 shoes
-has 11 teeth (those molars are evil!)
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night
-takes 1 nap at around 1 every day for 1 1/2-2 hours
-her bedtime and nap time routine have completely changed.  We now just read a book then she goes and stands by her bed and we kiss her, put her in, and tell her good night.  No more rocking for miss independent!  I am really thankful that this happened before baby Reese gets here though!  Makes things a little easier.
-gives the best kisses- mouth wide open and tongue out ☺️
-is completely on whole milk now (as of 15 months).  She weaned herself from the nighttime feeding when I was 6 weeks pregnant.  
-just takes sippy cups now.  
-eats whatever we are having at every meal now
-runs everywhere now (started walking at 13 months)
-has so much hair!! I have to put it in a pony tail most days to keep it out of her eyes
-has to have a bow in her hair, even if we are just staying around the house (success).  She asks for it when she wakes up
-favorite song is abc's.  She gets to d by herself, then drifts off into other letters and songs, ha
-can repeats the abcs after you
-knows a ton of animals and their sounds.  My favorite sounds are rooster and elephant - so funny!
-puts her dirty clothes in her hamper.  
-puts her dirty diapers in her diaper pail
-loves to put the wet clothes (that I hand her) into the dryer.
-sits at the table with us to eat now (with a booster)
-vocabulary has increased tremendously! She can tell us a lot of what she wants now, thank goodness.  It's crazy how many words she knows now.  She also speaks pretty clearly.
-knows what yes and no mean.  Her yes is the cutest 😍
-will say all done when she's done eating
-still is not good at using a fork and spoon.  She would rather just use her hands, oh well!
-has started telling us when she's pooped 😳. I'm so not ready for this!
-loves shoes!!
-can clean up her toys (will clean up-that's a different story, ha)
-is soooo independent!! She wants to do everything by herself!
-if she does not get her way, she loses her marbles!  
-she throws many a tantrum on the floor because she does not get her way!
-tells Cosmo hush every time he starts barking (guess I've said that a few times)
-loves curious George, elmo, and Mickey
-sings quite a bit, especially in the car.  It is the sweetest thing!  Sometimes I can figure out what she is singing and sometimes I have no clue.

It is so crazy how much she has grown in these last 6 months.  She has become so much more independent which makes me happy and sad.  It's amazing how much her brain has developed.  She picks up on things so quickly now!  This is such a fun age!  She can now interact a lot more and enjoys going places.  

You are such a joy!  You are the sweetest, loving, independent little girl! I so enjoy watching you grow and learn!  I love you more than I can explain!  

She got to go to vbs

Ponytail 😍
This girl loves corn on the cob!
And snow cones
We went on a girls trip to the beach and Mia HATED the sand!!!!
Mia LOVES Molly!!!!!
Why not sit in the toy box?
Reading while brushing her teeth
Teething molars is the worst, but if sure does make good cuddle time.  And yes, that is 2 pacis-just in case I guess 😉
She is obsessed with my headbands.  Anytime we are in my bathroom, she's going through my headbands trying them on and admiring herself in the mirror ☺️
My little mini me.  We had a blast at the children's museum with friends!
Eating at the table like a big kid
Everybody kisses their tractors, right?
1st day of her 2nd year of Mother's Day out.
Wiggle time at the library is a blast!
She loves wearing her daddy's shirts
Into everything!
LOVES her daddy!!!
Playing dress up with her cousins
Poor Cosmo, she follows him around all day saying ride, ride
The strainer makes a great seat
Parade fun
Playing golf with daddy
She finds this bowl almost everyday and wears it as a hat
She finally fits into her rain boots her granny got her.

Big Sister Mia

Mia is going to be a big sister and we are soooo excited!!! This is also the reason I've been absent for a few months. 

A few fun facts about baby #2:
-due date is December 21st.  If this baby comes 4 days late like Mia, he/she will be born on Christmas Day.
-Mia and this baby will be 21 months apart.
-we'll have 2 kids under 2 😳
-I have not been as sick with this baby as I was with Mia, however, the nausea was all day and worse at night with this one
-we are waiting to see if we want to purchase another crib or move Mia to a big girl bed.  We are leaning more toward getting another crib.
-I started feeling this baby move last week (15 weeks) and this one is strong!  I actually felt he/she kick my hand already 😳
-I've lost the same exact amount of weight with this baby as I did with Mia so far.
-we get to find out the gender next week.  I can't wait!!! It's a win win either way!  If it's a girl, Mia will have a sister to be close to and if it's a boy, we'll have 1 of each.  

I'm so grateful that god has blessed us with another child and Mia gets a sibling!

12 Months Old

Do I really have a one year old?  Crazy!!!!

-Weighs 20lbs 5oz (40%)
-is 30 1/4in. Long (95%)
-wears size 4 diapers
-wears 18 month clothes
-wears size 3 shoes
-nurses when she wakes up and before she goes to bed at night - we are weaning slowly.  She takes a sippy cup of pumped milk twice a day
-her iron was low when we went in for her check up so she has to take iron every day now
-eats 3 meals a day and an afternoon snack
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night 
-stacks her food when she eats - I have no idea why she does this
-loves to play rough.  The rougher we are with her, the harder she laughs.  Don't worry-we aren't too rough with her.
-just takes one nap a day now, usually around 11 or 12 for about 2 1/2 hours
-has become miss independent since she's one now.  She does not want to be rocked.  
-is obsessed with Mickey Mouse!!! It comes on tv and she squeals with excitement and starts dancing.  You point out anything Mickey Mouse to us in stores.
-talks, and talks, and talks!  On our way to Monroe the other day, you had your Mickey Mouse in front of you and talked to him almost the entire way to Monroe.  Poor mickey, his ears might fall off!
-has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom
-loves her Mother's Day out teachers.  She dives for them when we get close to her room now.  
-laughs when we are laughing.  It's really funny!  
-constantly takes off her socks and shoes.  She knows how to unvelcro her shoes 😁 I'm waiting for the day when I look in the back of the car and she is completely naked-I know it's coming!
-her hair has gotten so long!  It curls in the back 😍 and I actually have to put a bow in it now to keep it out of her eyes
-had a great first birthday party!!! -post to come

Mia had a rough 12 month check up.  Poor girl.  She had to get shots and her blood drawn to check iron levels. It took me and 3 nurses to hold her down to draw blood 😥.  Also, I had noticed over the last couple months that when she was walking behind something, she was dragging her left foot and standing on the top of it (ouch), so i mentioned it to her doctor and she looked at it and decided it definitely needed to be checked out.  We have an appt with an orthaepedic at Shriners April 11th.  I am praying and hopeful that it will just be an easy fix.  With this news, the shots, and the blood work, I was emotionally overwhelmed by the end of this appt.  I got back in the car and the tears started flowing 😭.  It's tough being a parent!!! They called later that day to inform me that her iron was low.  I was thankful when that day was over!  

Everything goes in the ground 😔
This girl loves slides!!!!
Crazy nap hair
Every morning!  At least it's an easy clean up and she's occupied!
Loves her food!!!!!
Ready to watch the bulldogs!
She was a little unsure about champ.  I'm very impressed she didn't scream!
Most mornings I get Mia up and put her in the bed with me and we play and watch cartoons 
Yep, one of those days!
Riding a tricycle at dd and papas house
Destroying dd and papas house
Nothing is Mia proof in our house 😳
Playing (eating) the window clings
I had Molly and Paige one Friday.  It was a busy day!
Thank goodness for Legos!!!
She never keeps her socks and shoes on
She loves her Cosmo
These curls!  😍
DO NOT take her cupcake goldfish!!
A mess!
Sneak peek from her birthday party