12 Months Old

Do I really have a one year old?  Crazy!!!!

-Weighs 20lbs 5oz (40%)
-is 30 1/4in. Long (95%)
-wears size 4 diapers
-wears 18 month clothes
-wears size 3 shoes
-nurses when she wakes up and before she goes to bed at night - we are weaning slowly.  She takes a sippy cup of pumped milk twice a day
-her iron was low when we went in for her check up so she has to take iron every day now
-eats 3 meals a day and an afternoon snack
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night 
-stacks her food when she eats - I have no idea why she does this
-loves to play rough.  The rougher we are with her, the harder she laughs.  Don't worry-we aren't too rough with her.
-just takes one nap a day now, usually around 11 or 12 for about 2 1/2 hours
-has become miss independent since she's one now.  She does not want to be rocked.  
-is obsessed with Mickey Mouse!!! It comes on tv and she squeals with excitement and starts dancing.  You point out anything Mickey Mouse to us in stores.
-talks, and talks, and talks!  On our way to Monroe the other day, you had your Mickey Mouse in front of you and talked to him almost the entire way to Monroe.  Poor mickey, his ears might fall off!
-has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom
-loves her Mother's Day out teachers.  She dives for them when we get close to her room now.  
-laughs when we are laughing.  It's really funny!  
-constantly takes off her socks and shoes.  She knows how to unvelcro her shoes 😁 I'm waiting for the day when I look in the back of the car and she is completely naked-I know it's coming!
-her hair has gotten so long!  It curls in the back 😍 and I actually have to put a bow in it now to keep it out of her eyes
-had a great first birthday party!!! -post to come

Mia had a rough 12 month check up.  Poor girl.  She had to get shots and her blood drawn to check iron levels. It took me and 3 nurses to hold her down to draw blood πŸ˜₯.  Also, I had noticed over the last couple months that when she was walking behind something, she was dragging her left foot and standing on the top of it (ouch), so i mentioned it to her doctor and she looked at it and decided it definitely needed to be checked out.  We have an appt with an orthaepedic at Shriners April 11th.  I am praying and hopeful that it will just be an easy fix.  With this news, the shots, and the blood work, I was emotionally overwhelmed by the end of this appt.  I got back in the car and the tears started flowing 😭.  It's tough being a parent!!! They called later that day to inform me that her iron was low.  I was thankful when that day was over!  

Everything goes in the ground πŸ˜”
This girl loves slides!!!!
Crazy nap hair
Every morning!  At least it's an easy clean up and she's occupied!
Loves her food!!!!!
Ready to watch the bulldogs!
She was a little unsure about champ.  I'm very impressed she didn't scream!
Most mornings I get Mia up and put her in the bed with me and we play and watch cartoons 
Yep, one of those days!
Riding a tricycle at dd and papas house
Destroying dd and papas house
Nothing is Mia proof in our house 😳
Playing (eating) the window clings
I had Molly and Paige one Friday.  It was a busy day!
Thank goodness for Legos!!!
She never keeps her socks and shoes on
She loves her Cosmo
These curls!  πŸ˜
DO NOT take her cupcake goldfish!!
A mess!
Sneak peek from her birthday party


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That girl is so precious! I hope everything goes well on the 11th!

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