7 months old!

Oh my, how much this little girl has grown this month!
Just over this past month, you have grown up so much.  I don't feel like you're a baby anymore.

-Is in 6-9, 9, and 9-12 month clothing
-is in size 3 diapers
-still nurses every 2 1/2 hours
-sleeps about 12 hours at night (not always consistently). Usually 7:30-7:30
-sits up great!
-talks and talks and talks!  If we are at home, her mouth is rarely quiet!
-moved up to a bigger bathtub because the other one is too small and you were diving out of it or sitting on the hump (weird kid)
-started pulling up on things to stand!  (You are way too little to be doing this!). We were playing in her playroom and she reached up, grabbed a bin and stood up.  Then she did it again.  
-we had to move down her crib because she was pulling up to her knees and we were afraid she would fall over the side
-LOVES toys!!!! She wants to play constantly!
-loves baby dolls.  She squeals and waves her hand when she sees one.  
-grabs everything!!!! If its in her sight, it's hers!
-wants to get down if she's in your arms.  She is constantly diving out of our arms to sit on the ground.
-still loves to eat.  When I'm fixing her food, she's trying to get to the food to start eating.  
-has tried a few finger foods.  We tried puffs, but she just spit them back out. She did really well with carrots cut up really small and a French fry cut up really small.
-has developed a little attitude (oh my). If she doesn't get something she wants, she throws herself back and pitches a fit!  I didn't think this started so early!!! We're going to need to fix this ;-)
-hates getting her diaper changed! She throws a fit here too, I see a terrible trend starting!
-reaches her arms out for me when she sees me (melts my heart!) 
- also loses it when I go out of her sight! Huge tears!  Makes doing anything around the house incredibly difficult!
-still very much a mamas girl!  If I'm in the room, she wants me to hold her instead of anybody else.  
-is busy, busy, busy.  She is constantly moving, even in her sleep!  The child doesn't stop!  She wears me out, but in a good way!

This has been such a fun month!  She is starting to interact so much with everything around her and it is so fun!  I cannot explain how much I love this little girl!

We took Christmas pictures and she wasnt the least bit interested in smiling. She just wanted to play with the tree and grass. 

Swinging at church.  She loved it!
Dressed for her 1st school picture
Sitting in her daddy's old highchair at pops house
Tearing down her play mat
She got a new car toy and loves it!
1st tech parade
A bit too big for the bathtub
Yep, time to move the crib down