Big Sister Mia

Mia is going to be a big sister and we are soooo excited!!! This is also the reason I've been absent for a few months. 

A few fun facts about baby #2:
-due date is December 21st.  If this baby comes 4 days late like Mia, he/she will be born on Christmas Day.
-Mia and this baby will be 21 months apart.
-we'll have 2 kids under 2 😳
-I have not been as sick with this baby as I was with Mia, however, the nausea was all day and worse at night with this one
-we are waiting to see if we want to purchase another crib or move Mia to a big girl bed.  We are leaning more toward getting another crib.
-I started feeling this baby move last week (15 weeks) and this one is strong!  I actually felt he/she kick my hand already 😳
-I've lost the same exact amount of weight with this baby as I did with Mia so far.
-we get to find out the gender next week.  I can't wait!!! It's a win win either way!  If it's a girl, Mia will have a sister to be close to and if it's a boy, we'll have 1 of each.  

I'm so grateful that god has blessed us with another child and Mia gets a sibling!